Rev Fitz talks I Am Waltz

Matthew D. Dho is incredibly passionate about the technological singularity, a philosophical topic which he has now written about as a thriller. He is an incredibly smart man with a futurist disposition who always has his head thinking forward. Beyond this, he is also an incredibly good writer. Here is a synopsis for his new book:

While most humans live in massive cities, Kyle Conscentia spends his days with his father in the Nevada desert. Day in and day out, Kyle’s father recaptures the consciousness of robots to perform hardware upgrades. The two lived a comfortable blue-collar life until Kyle’s 16th birthday, when things changed forever.

Framed by the media for something he did not do, and with only a fugitive machine to defend his innocence, Kyle must engage in a quest to clear his name and uncover a dark and hidden truth.

He is also a big fan of sci-fi and story telling in all of its forms. He is the one person I know who has seen all of the films in the Criterion Collection, and he did so just to learn how better to tell stories. Give his book a look!

Fun fact:

Matthew D. Dho proof read the first entries of Existential Terror and Breakfast, because he is an absolute boss. You can read that here.