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I am Waltz is what I would call a popcorn book, basically it’s the same idea as it’s movie counterpart. Fun, light and airy and too not complex or serious. It was an interesting story with all the required components; a variety of cool technology, a kid and robot best friend named Waltz, and the band of teenagers who work together to save the world. It’s set in the year 2036 and it’s a little like West World meets The Terminator with a splash of the movie AI.

Like West World, one of the bots becomes self-aware. IRIS discovers this bot is missing, has become self-aware and decides they must destroy it. IRIS also tries kill everyone who might know a bot is free from control by the evil overlords. This ends poorly as the attempt to cover up the missing bot sparks a revolution. There are those who think all machines, including bots should be free from control.

There are some inconsistencies that exist here and there, but hey, it’s science fiction, and since when didn’t an inconsistency happen in a sci-fi story. I can see this book appealing to anyone who likes technology, video games, or the robot future. Especially nerds and techies from YA and on up, and yes, this nerd/technology fan is included. It’s a fast paced read with plenty of action to keep your interest. For a debut book in the sci-fi genre, I give Matthew Dho props on I Am Waltz.

Review initially published on The Scary Reviews by David Spell