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Kyle lives with his father and Harold in a Cognitive Recapture and Recycle Facility(CRF) controlled and owned by an organization known as IRIS owned by Handel Balcroft. here they recapture the consciousness of IRIS bots before their body is taken apart, their consciousness is put into a new body. IRIS places restrictor chips in these robots so that they do not have any free will(and no emotions) and they perform only the task that they are made to carry.

A plane carrying a  set of IRIS bots crashes near Kyle home, one of them regains consciousness and asks kyle for help. As kyle is fixing him up, he discovers that this rebot has lost his restrictor chip and in turn has his feelings returned to him. 

The Scary Reviews

I am Waltz is what I would call a popcorn book, basically it’s the same idea as it’s movie counterpart. Fun, light and airy and too not complex or serious. It was an interesting story with all the required components; a variety of cool technology, a kid and robot best friend named Waltz, and the band of teenagers who work together to save the world. It’s set in the year 2036 and it’s a little like West World meets The Terminator with a splash of the movie AI.