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I Am Waltz

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Name: Matthew D. Dho



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Matthew D. Dho grew up in Phoenix and attended Arizona State University before settling in Seattle where he currently resides. A lifelong fan of science-fiction, Dho became obsessed with the idea of artificial intelligence and its connection to humanity. After spending years researching ideas like the technological singularity, he began writing stories about the problems he sees in the future, Dho's driven to write a fun, adventurous story that would tackle issues of discrimination, and classism, that we face today and will continue to face tomorrow.

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Title: I Am Waltz

Author: Matthew D. Dho

Publication Date: 2/6/18

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ISBN-10: 1947848135 | ISBN-13: 978-1947848139

Retail Price: e-book $7.99 | Paperback $14.99

Page Count: 274

Genre: Science Fiction | Hard Science Fiction

Comparables: Ready Player One | Ex-Machina | Blade Runner


Amazon: 4.9/5

Goodreads: 4.6/5 (600+ adds to bookshelves)

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